January 28, 2023

Run Your Race with Endurance

The ten year long run to capture or kill Osama bin Laden had a Hollywood finish. Bin Laden’s last sight on earth was of a Navy SEAL aiming a gun at his head.

The champions, like the Navy SEALs, learn to train and run their race with endurance. Some people run toward danger, and others spend a lifetime running away. But all of us are born to run. A Navy SEAL, Eric Greitens, has just written “The Heart and the Fist”  and is a sub three hour marathoner. Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run is one of the best books on running to come out in many years.

Dick Couch was a Navy SEAL and has written about the mindset of a SEAL. Many of them come from small towns and rural areas. Couch has written that the cold water breaks the motivation of most SEAL candidates. I was lost driving in northern Michigan. The weather was miserable. A cold, hard rain was battering my windshield. I stopped and turned the car around, and watched this high school aged kid, a young girl wearing jeans, jacket, and backpack, running in the rain. The expression on her face was what got to me. This young kid was smiling. The weather was absolutely awful. Millions of kids around the country pile in and out of school buses with so many security measures and flashing lights, you’d think the President’s Secret Service Detail was in charge. This young girl had none of that. Just a coat, backpack, and that smile. It was the same kind of smile that Christopher McDougall writes of in “Born to Run.”  A Navy SEAL from her area was killed in Iraq. Watching her run in the rain, you knew what got him into the Navy SEALs.

Run your race with endurance and a smile.

Here’s a good video of Navy SEAL and ultra marathoner David Goggins, and a Runners World article and video.

An Austin Bay column in praise of American persistence

A good Mike Daly column about SEAL Team Six, a New York fireman, and his son: Navy SEALs play in the sandbox


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