January 28, 2023

Going after the American Worker

Building in a Bag

ThisĀ  building in a bag could work for the collapse of the housing market. Or just brown bag the whole thing with an economy in a bag. IPO to come…

Going After Cacciato

“In October, near the end of the month, Cacciato left the war.

‘He’s gone away,’ said Doc Peret. ‘Split, departed.'”

– Tim O’Brien, Going After Cacciato

The American worker has split, departed.

Detours on the Road to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

“What became of the American worker? Cacciato? Where did he go, and why? What were his motives, or did he have motives, and did motives matter?”

The Observation Post

My observation post is starting to creak a little but still going strong nearly a hundred thousand miles later in a little over two years. Ford can build a quality car. The city of Detroit is dead, as is the whole concept of Detroit as the arsenal of democracy. Gone, like Cacciato to parts unknown, maybe Paris. But Paris has problems, too. Not on the level of Detroit. No one does, except the war zones. Detroit’s in its own war zone. Three words many people don’t like to see in the windshield while driving are “Detroit City Limit.” Detroit loses thousands of Cacciato’s every year. Dave Bing is the mayor of Detroit and he’s finding he can’t do it without the Cacciato’s coming back. For Detroit now, every day is “lootin’ weather.” The economic war has been hell on Detroit. It’s a war that the American worker, like Cacciato in Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato, has had enough.

I used to get some inspiration from this big guy walking on the side of a busy road every morning at sunrise. He was either walking to work, or walking home from work, without transportation but for his own two feet. Maybe he wasn’t even working but he was walking like he had a purpose, a destination mapped in his head. It wasn’t even a walk. More of a march. It wasn’t a march to the frontline. He was walking like he was marching away from the war front. Too much shootin’ going on out there and he decided to take a walk in the other direction. He always had a two liter bottle of Mountain Dew. The two liter Dew was his gas tank. When I saw him, his tank was half filled. He was half way to wherever he was going, and like Cacciato, he wasn’t going tell the rest of us who were eyeballing his stoic march. I thought of him as a Mountain Dew Democrat. The best and brightest love their labels and acronyms, operation this and operation that derived from some sentimental memory. Africans get to the point with their labels for wars, with names like Operation Let’s Kill Everyone. For some reason, Sarah Palin makes me want to label her as a Faygo Republican. The best and brightest have declared war on them, almost with the same intent as an African bushwar. The world economy has been knocking these Mountain Dew Democrats and Faygo Republicans around but they’re still out there, working and struggling to make ends meet.

Then one day the big guy with the Mountain Dew was gone, like Cacciato. He split.

The End of the Road

“‘Oscar’s right,’ Doc said, and sighed. ‘You can’t get away with this shit. The realities always catch you.’

‘But maybe.’

‘No maybes. Reality doesn’t work that way.'”

Paris isn’t the end of the road. Cacciato stayed off the main road where they’d find him and cut across the fields. The BLS is reporting that American workers are running for the weeds. In the weeds you’ll find the debris that’ll lead you to them. All the empty beer bottles, spent lottery tickets ripped apart or wadded up in frustration, quick eats. They’re after Ronald McDonald as well, even though he provided half the new jobs last month. He’s running with them through the weeds, leaving a trail of trash. But reality doesn’t work that way. Not through the weeds. Reality will catch them, us, like it caught Cacciato. The BLS will keep reporting we’re going the wrong way.

Words of wisdom about getting back on the bike…

Get back on the bike


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