January 28, 2023

We’re All Dead Enders Now

citizen memorial

This memorial isn’t a tourist stop. The landscape is all about abandoned homes, high weeds, liquor stores, crime, and makeshift churches run by the ghetto’s whiskey priests. I had to pass a tiny one room “Hope Center” to get here. That place didn’t look so filled with hope. It looked abandoned. There weren’t any windows on it and the only door had protective bars and the house next to it had a wanted sign on its front door. Everything here is makeshift, including the hope. The guys walking the streets did it with the usual hopeless slouch. Their winter coats were unzipped. Around here, spring clothing is just the winter clothing unzipped. If there’s a zip code for this country’s dead enders, here it is on the north side of Flint. The Buick City Complex that used to be here is now gone, swept clean as a computer chip. But this makeshift memorial continues to grow. A prisoner of war memorial is across the street. The dead ender architect of this memorial keeps adding and expanding. The man’s a dead ender for hope.

“…a decade in america already, I want out”

Cultural alienation is now being blamed for the Tsarnaev brothers’ violent acts in Boston. The younger brother’s tweets and older brother’s YouTube account display some of their hostility, including the younger one’s whine about wanting out. The older brother, the boxer, got in trouble for hitting his girlfriend and the father explained you “can’t touch a woman”  in America. The dead ender memorial is a few miles from  the gym where Claressa Shields , a girl who hits back, trained for her Olympic Gold in boxing. She trained against the boys and “hit the heavy bag until it split.” Take that, Mr. Jihad.

Boston is famous for its crime writers, being the land of Eddie Coyle and Friends. I believe very much in the criminal mind and criminal seed. The isms and religion are just articles of clothing, team uniforms. I also believe everything starts with footwork. I noticed the older brother was wearing Arabic sandals in the photos of him at the Boston Marathon. Interesting footwear for a spectator at a marathon. I thought the older one’s sunglasses could have meant that he was in some intelligence agency’s file and wanted to hide his face. Not bad. Two guys with sunglasses might have drawn too much attention. Eh, perhaps. Their body language, attire, looks, reminded me of the Mossad agents who assassinated the Hamas leader in Dubai. Whoever trained them was in the ring with the Mossad, an enemy of the Mossad, and learned to fight with similar tactics. Maybe a stretch, maybe not. Choice of the Boston Marathon was odd. Had to be someone familiar with it. Right on. A college educated mentally ill runner, a Unabomber in Asics- nope. Militias don’t give a crap about the Boston Marathon but Patriots Day… Must not forget the war raging in the shadows with Iran. Saudi Arabia arrested 30 spies from Iran, and there’s a restaurant in Washington that could have gone boom! The land of the dead ender has one of its own imprisoned and on death row in Iran for being a spy. The Iranian-American Marine from Flint left the military to work for a company that produces reality based war games. The company signed a contract with the Pentagon for language training. One of its reality based games is “Assault on Iran” which wasn’t interpreted with benevolence when he visited family in Iran.

The land of the dead ender can be more cruel than the land of Eddie Coyle and Friends. Almost like Chechnya and the Middle East. I doubt that authorities would lock down this area to hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers. In this area, you don’t throw a punch to miss or shoot to miss. Grandma has a gun underneath her pillow for the intruder and it’s one and done, either way. The Arab store owners have guns. The cops aren’t coming to the rescue. They’ve been laid off. Wolf Blitzer isn’t on the front lawn. Miranda has skipped town with everyone else. You’re on your own, a certified dead ender. While in Boston, it’s a frenzy. Thousands of law enforcement, robots, SWAT, ATF, FBI, flash bangs, hundreds of rounds fired, and the 19 year old pot head comes out from the boat under his own strength. His worst wound is self inflicted. The commentators from England and Israel, veterans of terrorism, bite their lips. The dead enders for hope add another flag to their memorial.

The man in Flint wrote on the memorial for love and prayers to go out to the world. We’re all dead enders now.


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